Jack Daniel's small batch special release coy hill 375 ml Bottle

Jack Daniel's Small Batch Special Release Coy Hill 375 ml

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"Unleash the Power: Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill"

Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill is a whiskey that pushes the boundaries of potency, clocking in at an astonishing 153.2 proof. This makes it one of the highest proof whiskeys ever released by Jack Daniel’s. The 2021 Single Barrel Special Release Coy Hill High Proof is a result of around 55 barrels where the Angel’s Share (the whiskey lost due to evaporation) was so high that the liquid inside couldn’t be bottled as Single Barrel selections. The high evaporation resulted in a unique flavor and character, along with the elevated proof. These barrels were then batched together by profile to create the Coy Hill High Proof, featuring five unique batches at varying proofs: 143.6, 147.3, 149.8, 153.2, and 155.1.

The high proof of this special release necessitated the creation of a new higher compression cork specifically for this release, and the bottles should be stored upright at all times. When sipped neat, Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill offers a fiery experience, with intense heat, black pepper, barrel char, stewed cherries, and molasses. Adding a few drops of water reveals rich flavors like caramel chews, leather, and raw cane sugar. It’s a pour that demands contemplation.

Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill pairs well with hearty dishes like grilled steak or smoked ribs. Its intense flavors complement rich and savory flavors, making it a perfect pairing for a flavorful meal.

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