Bunker Distillery

Sip Your Way into Happiness and Northern Rivers magic with Bunker Distillery!

Crafting Liquid Gold

In 2010, our journey began when Distiller Phillip Bunker and his wife Stacy ventured into Australia's outback. While exploring Lightning Ridge, a place of significance to Stacy's past, they found themselves by a campfire. As Phillip savored an Australian whisky, he coined it "liquid gold," sparking a passion for crafting his own spirits.
Phillip, previously accustomed to coastal life, fell in love with the Australian countryside during their travels. Encouraged by his background in science, Phillip embarked on mastering the art of creating fine Australian whisky, which he affectionately refers to as his "liquid gold."
In 2017, Phillip purchased a property in Spring Grove, NSW, nestled in the Northern Rivers region. This property, initially a run-down yet charming home, was transformed into the perfect setting for Bunker Distillery. Located just an hour from pristine beaches, lush valleys, and rolling hills, the property provides an ideal environment for aging whisky and growing botanicals for gin.
Today, Bunker Distillery proudly produces small-batch whisky, gin, rum, and vodka of the highest quality. Each spirit is crafted with Phillip's dedication to perfection and respect for the Australian landscape, embodying the essence of our journey from discovery to creation.