Smirnoff Vodka Red Mins

Smirnoff Vodka Red Mins

Volume 40mL
ABV 37%
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Mini Indulgence: Smirnoff Red Mins
Discover the charm of Smirnoff Vodka Red Mins, designed for intimate indulgence. These miniature delights pack the iconic Smirnoff Red flavor into a compact experience. Perfect for solo toasts or sharing with close friends, these minis elevate your intimate moments with a burst of smooth and bold character.
Pocket-Sized Mixology
Unleash your creativity with Smirnoff Vodka Red Mins, the pocket-sized powerhouses for mixology enthusiasts. Whether you're experimenting with classic recipes or inventing your own, these minis offer a convenient canvas. Elevate your mixology game and craft big flavors in the palm of your hand with Smirnoff Red Mins.
Share the Elegance: Smirnoff Red Mins
Give the gift of bold elegance with Smirnoff Vodka Red Mins. Whether as party favors or tokens of appreciation, these miniatures convey a message of refined taste. Embrace the joy of sharing as you introduce friends to the bold character and smooth finish of Smirnoff Red in a perfectly sized package.

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