Glenfiddich 12 and glenfiddich 15 bundle

Glenfiddich 12 and glenfiddich 15 bundle

Volume 1400 ml
ABV 40%
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Discover Distinctive Flavors: Glenfiddich 12 and Glenfiddich 15 Bundle

A Dual Symphony of Speyside Excellence

Embark on a journey through the heart of Speyside with the Glenfiddich 12 and Glenfiddich 15 Bundle. This exclusive pairing showcases the mastery of single malt craftsmanship, offering a delightful contrast of flavors:

Glenfiddich 12: Crisp Orchard Fruits

  • Delight in the vibrant notes of green apple, pear, and a touch of oak.
  • The Glenfiddich 12, aged in American and European oak casks, boasts a refreshingly crisp and youthful character.
  • Perfect for those who appreciate the invigorating charm of Speyside whiskies.

Glenfiddich 15: Warm and Spiced Elegance

  • Immerse yourself in the rich, honeyed tones with a hint of cinnamon and sherry sweetness.
  • The Glenfiddich 15, matured in three types of oak casks, offers a warm and spiced complexity that lingers on the palate.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a more mature and nuanced Speyside expression.

Bundle Harmony: A Symphony of Speyside

Combine the youthful vibrancy of Glenfiddich 12 with the sophisticated warmth of Glenfiddich 15. This bundle creates a harmonious tasting experience that captures the essence of Speyside's diverse flavor spectrum. Elevate your whisky collection with this dual celebration of Glenfiddich excellence.

Elevate Your Whisky Experience: Glenfiddich Duology Unleashed

Savor the essence of Speyside with the Glenfiddich 12 and Glenfiddich 15 Bundle. From the lively orchard fruits to the warm, spiced elegance, each dram invites you to experience the distinctive charm of Glenfiddich. Elevate your whisky journey – order your bundle now!

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