Vallon Des Cigales Rose 750mL Bottle.

Vallon Des Cigales Rose 750mL

Volume 750 mL
ABV 12.50%
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A Sunset in Every Sip
Vallon Des Cigales Rosé radiates the warmth of the Mediterranean, presenting a rosy glow reminiscent of a captivating sunset. Crafted with precision, this wine captures the essence of Provencal elegance. From the delicate color to the refreshing taste, each sip is an invitation to savor the magic of a Mediterranean evening.
Harmony of Flavors: Vallon Des Cigales' Grape Varieties
Delight your palate with Vallon Des Cigales Rosé's harmony of flavors—a Provencal symphony that unfolds with each sip. The blend of carefully selected grape varieties, including Grenache and Cinsault, creates a nuanced and balanced profile. Experience the essence of the vineyards, where the Mediterranean climate imparts a unique character to the wine.
A Visual Journey
Vallon Des Cigales Rosé is not just a wine; it's an artistic journey with its captivating bottle design. The label reflects the essence of the vineyards and the artistic spirit of Provence. Display the bottle as a piece of art, and with every pour, indulge in the visual feast that complements the exquisite taste within.

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